About Us

We are a dynamic data visualization and data science company.

From concept to end deliverable, we find ways to tell your story and share your information in an attractive and engaging way.

Our mission values

A Culture and Mission Driven by Values
We believe that visual communication — when properly executed — can propel brands into new frontiers of storytelling. With a diverse array of customers and an expert team, we work toward a common goal to delight, inspire, and connect with your target audience in the most visually stimulating and engaging ways possible. We are creative risk-takers; our values will always push us beyond expectations to develop the best possible products for our clients.

As leaders in our industry we have found that values surrounding service, accountability, and respect are integral to our success. Because of this, we celebrate being humbled by our customers, our roots, and each other.

Keep Learning

While we are confident in our expertise, we are humbled by the knowledge that we will never be done learning. We will always remain open and supportive of new ideas and eager to learn from our customers, our projects, and each other.

Love What We Do

We believe our success stems from enjoying what we do and having fun as a team. We will always encourage a company culture that supports communal and individual growth, celebrates creative challenges, and makes the happiness of our employees, customers, and community a top priority.

Inspire Others

We push our own creative boundaries, seek out new challenges, and work cooperatively to develop the best possible products for our clients while inspiring our community and colleagues through our designs and actions.

Embrace Change

We are agile and resilient by nature. We recognize that success for our company and our clients requires us to never rest on our laurels, but to instead continually innovate, adapt to emerging trends, and remain open and responsive to the future that lies ahead.

Respect Others

We believe in building all relationships on a foundation of mutual respect. We will practice empathy in all interactions, and will never accept arrogance as a form of communication.

Lead by Example

We hold ourselves accountable in both our work and our treatment of others. We will not make excuses for setbacks, place blame on others, or take advantage of misunderstandings. We will instead embrace the challenges before us, accepting honest responsibility as each situation may dictate.

at Plotal... we aren't just designers, we are visual